March 19, 2015

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All of our little ones are doggie door trained before they go to their new homes which means they have the concept that they need to go outside to potty. This understanding makes bell training much easier.  We also provide a bell for you to hang on your door to teach puppy to ring it when he or she needs to go outside.  Unless otherwise noted, all have beautiful soft non-shedding coats.
 Enjoy your visit to see our babies!

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F2b Mini's

Amber and Buddy had their first litter together on
December 11th.
The six babies can 
go home after 
February 5th.

They will be under 30 pounds in cream to light apricot in color.

Amber,25 pound F1 Goldendoodle

Buddy, 25 pound F1b Goldendoodle
Pinkie and Clay
F3 Mini's

Pinkie and Clay's litter was born on
November 10th.
The five babies can 
go home after 
January 12th.

They will be under 25 pounds in cream to light apricot in color..



Pinkie's Chase
Standard F1b's
Mercy and Charles

Born January 4th and ready to go to their new homes after March 1st,
these little ones will be 55 and up as adults.  


Medium F3b with Tatum and Dude  
BORN 12/24/2014    

Sizes will be from 40 to 55 pounds


Cream Standard Poodle
Photo soon to come.
Medium Goldendoodle Flatcoat
Photo soon to come.
Tatum Grayson

Tatum Hamilton

Tatum Ian

Tatum Jasper

Cream Standard Poodle
Look for photo soon

Caramel Standard Goldendoodle

Mercy's Celia
Mercy's Emily
Amber Opal
Amber Roger

Even though this little girl is a goldendoodle, she is what is known as (and will look like)  a
MINI GOLDEN RETRIEVER.   She is super sweet and will be 25 pounds as an adult,   While she doesn't shed now, she may do a little shedding as an adult.
With the exception of Grayson, these pups will be around 40 pounds as adults.   Grayson will be much smaller.  They are very inquisitive and extremely happy to be with people.    They smile alot and love to be held.
Mercy's Holly
Mercy's Jenny
F1b Mini Goldendoodle

F1 Mini Goldendoodle

McKinley and Buddy's
Mini F2b's 

Born February 1st
These five little ones will be 25 pounds and under.   They will be able to go to their new homes after 
April 5th.


F1b Mini Goldendoodle

F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Maureen and Buddy's
Mini F2b's 

Born February 16th
These SEVEN little ones will be 25 pounds and under.   They will be able to go to their new homes after 
April 20th.


Mercy's girls are now eleven weeks old.   They have beautiful fleece coats that are allergy friendly.  They are playful but mellow out very quickly to be held and cuddled.  They will be ready to go home March 28th.
F1b Mini Goldendoodle

F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Patience and Buddy's
Mini F2b's 

Born March 7th
These five little ones will be 25 pounds and under.   They will be able to go to their new homes after 
May 2, 2015.


McKinley Haylie
McKinley Ivy
McKinley Joy
McKinley Kayla
McKinley Stanley
Maureen Margo
Maureen Nola
Maureen Quinn
Maureen Randall
Maureen Scotty
Maureen Tanner
Maureen Preston
Maureen's little ones are now four weeks old.   They are very playful and are starting to use the doggie door .... when the weather is nice, that is!
They're just babies so I'm very encouraged these cutie pies will be very easy to teach.

Patience The Boys
Patience The Girls