.....Roo (above) , is no longer with us.  We tragically lost him in an accident in Summer, 2007.  He was a wonderful sweetheart who will be missed.  His loving nature will live on with the three puppies we held back for our breeding program .... 
Stella, Rootin' Tootie and Oklahoma Red Clay
(and yes....they are little reds!) 

Bye-bye, sweet Roo...we miss you and
will see you again across the 
Rainbow Bridge.

MAC, (above) is my AKC English Golden Retriever boy who weighs 80 pounds.  Born in England, Mac is a true English ..... very gentle and loves everyone.  Mac is retired now but has given us the most beautiful English Retrievers and Goldendoodles.    His  son Cowboy (to the left) has stepped up to take his daddy's place.   What a legacy!
This is Roscoe, (left) our AKC 12- pound red Mini Poodle sire. He loves to be held and cuddled and is very sweet.  He's well mannered and not a pushy boy  ..... willing to take his turn to lay in your lap.  Roscoe loves children and gets along well with our other dogs.  
BEAR is is our 48 pound F1b Medium Goldendoodle.  He has a beautiful light and dark brown coat. He's sired two litters this year and we're looking forward to his next litter.
MURPHY (right) is our F1 standard goldendoodle.    He's a sweet boy that loves everyone!   He is the sire of some our beautiful F1b standards babies.
GUNNER (left) is  our 55 pound  rich dark chocolate F1 goldendoodle sire.  His coat is a thick fleece.  Gunner has a remarkable temperament and will sire our chocolate Standard litters.
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Stroodle's Doodles ....
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FRED (right) is the son of our own Graham (who is now retired and living in Texas)   We're very happy with Fred's contribution to our program.   A very sweet boy he's always smiling and happy to see everyone!  

COWBOY, (above) is my AKC English Golden Retriever boy who weighs 60 pounds. Cowboy is the son of Mac (to the right) and has sired some very beautiful teddy bear doodles for us.
Red Rock Star    AKA  ROCKER (left) is  our 28 pound  rich red moyen poodle sire.  He's sired beautiful red mini goldendoodles and they have his same wonderful temperament.